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Scritto da Vito Candiloro   

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More than three years have gone by since that day of November 2008 when, coming
back from the family’s olive grove, an intense conversation could be heard between me
and my father. He was sad, thinking that due to his children’s working perspectives,
they would have gone, nobody would take care of the olive trees anymore and the
sacrifices of three generations would have gone wasted.
“It won’t be like this, you’ll see. Furthermore, I dare say we’ll start together a new deal
and our olive trees will play a central role in it!” My reply, instinctive at first sight, hid
a well-planned project: the development of the Azienda Agricola Candiloro Vincenzo.
This farm has got ancient roots: first trees were implanted by my great grandfather
Giuseppe in 1930, on a small lot redeemed from a rich feudatory in the surroundings of
Calamonaci. During years, the land has passed to my grandfather Vito and now is being
enthusiastically managed by my dad Vincenzo. In the course of time, other trees have
enriched the farm, which now counts 700 units and produces around 1,500Lt of highly
prized extra virgin olive oil.
In 2009, the transformation of the farm has begun; an appealing way that is founded on
two main pillars: highest quality and internationalization.
Searching for the excellence, we just keep being faithful to ourselves, producing a
natural extra virgin olive oil under the traditional cultivation and collection rules and
making use of the best olive-milling technologies. It’s a small quantity that is carefully
treated during the entire process, so to guarantee that the flavour and taste of the best
Italian extra virgin olive oil wrap yourself when you take the top off the bottle.
During these years, we have started an international direct promotion, seeking new
markets and business opportunities. Initially, we have focused our attention on the
product, considering its packaging, supply-chain facets and pricing. The current
moment is characterized for the presence strengthening in the markets and the research
of new partners/customers within the Common European Market.
Since the early beginning, we knew an essential point: that’s our EVOO and we are
proud to be represented in it. That’s why we put our surname on.
During time, small groups of our bottles have been slipping across the border, happily
getting yet to France, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Austria,
Slovakia, South Africa, Canada, Florida (USA) and lately also to Madrid, Spain. Its
journey has just begun, our extra virgin olive oil is too keen to travel around the world
and to come back each time it’s asked to go.
During these years, we learnt how precious our identity is: we are proud of representing
our land with the excellence of our produce. Thus, the Olio Candiloro has converted
itself in the ambassador of a healthy lifestyle, in direct contact with the Sicily’s nature
and its traditions.
Vito Candiloro

Azienda Agricola Candiloro Vincenzo
Via Amormino, 3
92012 Cianciana (AG)

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